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If you are looking for the Indian Patent Office, please go here: http://www.patentoffice.nic.in/

IPIndia is a worldwide Intellectual Property Research and Enforcement Facilitation firm. In today's ever-competitive world of Business, no business can afford to ignore the impact of Intellectual Property to their bottomlines. Intellectual property is what makes or breaks many a Businesses.

We at IPIndia believe in providing our clients with the best of Intellectual property services, while retaining the marked cost advantage of being based in India, where we have on board highly trained Technical and Legal manpower. Our costs, too, are therefore most competitive in comparison with other service providers.


What sets us apart is not merely the cost arbitrage, but instead the fact that we at IPIndia believe in giving our clients the assurance of our being part of the 'team', where our every effort is based on our wanting to give our clients the very best in Intellectual Property Services.


We at IPIndia recognize the fact that your Intellectual Property has enormous potential but that it requires the protection afforded by various legal instruments to allow you to monetize them. The fact that in the end, it's all about how you can best derive benefit out of your creation never leaves our collective psyche at IPIndia, therefore ensuring that you get the best quality of protection, whatever be the instrument of choice for achieving it - Patents, Designs, Trademarks, Copyright, Domain Names etc.



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